Within the framework of the cooperation with the Venice Commission, the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) and HUMAN DYNAMICS, Project funded by the European Union, the following international scientific and practical seminars and conferences on constitutional justice were held annually by the Constitutional Court of Georgia:

· International Conference: "Interaction of National Courts with the European Courts”, 6-7 November, 2007, Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of Georgia: “The jurisdiction of the constitutional court and the European Court of Human Rights in conflict zones” , 6-7 June 2007, Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference: "Constitutional Justice and the Rule of Law in South Caucasus”, 19-20 June, 2008 Batumi, Georgia;

· Workshop ''Interpreting the Constitution'', 20-21 December, 2008 Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference: "Justiciability of Social Rights in Courts of Constitutional Jurisdiction and the European Court of Human Rights" 11-12 July, 2009, Batumi, Georgia;

· The international seminar: “The Precedent as the Source of Law”, 7-8 November 2009, Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference: “Judicial Activism and Restraint: Theory and Practice of Constitutional Rights", 13-14 July, 2010 Batumi, Georgia;

· The International Black Sea Conference: “Importance of Dissenting and Concurring Opinion in the Development of Judicial Review”, 17-18 September, 2010, Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference: “The Past and the Future of the Constitutional Review in New Democracies" 25-26 June, 2011 Batumi, Georgia;

· The 2nd Black Sea Regional Conference: "Right to Equality - Scope of Constitutional Protection", 6-7 July 2012, Batumi, Georgia;

· The international workshop: "Role of Constitutional Courts of Eastern Partnership Countries in the process of harmonization of national legislation with the 'Acquis Communautaire”, 21-22 September 2012, Batumi, Georgia;

· The 3rd Black Sea Regional Conference: “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Reviewing Constitutionality of the Constitutional Norms”, 29-30 June 2013, Batumi, Georgia;

· The 4th Black Sea Regional Conference: ''Emerging Challenges to the Right to Privacy'', Batumi, Georgia, 4-6 July 2014, Batumi Georgia;

· The 5th Black Sea International Conference “Liberty and Security: Increasing the Effectiveness of the Constitutional Complaint”, 27-28 June 2015, Batumi Georgia

· The XVII Congress Of The Conference of European Constitutional Courts, Preparatory Meeting, 9-12 September 2015, Batumi Georgia;

· International Conference: “Application of International Treaties by Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Bodies: Challenges to the Dialogue”, 9-12 September, 2015, Batumi, Georgia;

· International Conference dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Constitutional Court of Georgia: “Constitutional Justice in Transitional Democracy: Success and Challenges of Constitutional Review in Georgia and Eastern Europe

10-11 September 2016, Batumi, Georgia;

· Conference of European Constitutional Courts - XVII Congress, 28 June - 1 July 2017, Batumi, Georgia;

· The 3rd Congress of the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions: "Role of the Constitutional Courts in European Integration Process" Organised by the Constitutional Court of Georgia, 15-18 May 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia.