International Relations

Participation in the Superior Court’s Network (SCN) forum

On June 8-9, 2023, Mr. George Lomtadze, head of the secretariat of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, participated in the forum of the European Superior Court’s Network (SCN), which was held in the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg. The event was attended by judges and staff of the European Court of Human Rights and representatives of the national higher courts.

The thematic session of the forum was devoted to the overview of judicial practice on the issue of judicial independence, within the framework of which George Lomtadze presented a report on the practice of the Constitutional Court of Georgia in relation to the rule of appointment of judges. The practical part of the forum included an interactive discussion on the rules of procedure by member courts, conducting legal research and the role of the Jurisconsult of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Superior Court’s Network (SCN) is a platform established by the European Court of Human Rights, which aims to strengthen the dialogue between European and national human rights courts. Within the framework of the forum, member courts exchange information on issues of the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as national legislation and judicial practice.