International Relations

Visit to the Republic of Poland

On November 15-18, 2023, Vice-President of the Constitutional Court of Georgia Manana Kobakhidze, Justice Irene Imerlishvili, and the Chief Adviser at the Secretariat of the court, Ekaterine Mzhavanadze, paid a working visit to Warsaw. During this visit, they participated in an international conference at the invitation of the President of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic of Poland.

The conference focused on the theme: "Human Rights - European Perspective." Attendees included Presidents and members of constitutional courts from various foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, academic circles, diplomatic corps, as well as members of the government and parliament of the Republic of Poland.

Throughout the conference, discussions covered the following topics: Human Rights - Their Immutability and Their Dynamics; Pluralism of Axiological Preferences as a Factor Determining how Human Rights are Understood; Intensification and integration of measures furthering the protection of human rights – opportunities and threats. Human rights in the conditions of war and the practices of totalitarian regimes.

Distinguished speakers, such as the President of the Constitutional Court of Belgium, judges from the Constitutional Courts of Poland, Latvia, and Ukraine and others presented their reports at the conference.