History, Vision and Mission of the Journal

The Constitutional Court of Georgia has been publishing for over 20 years. In 1996 the Court issued first volume of the journal "An Individual and the Constitution", which at that time was one of the rarest Georgian publications in the field of constitutional law.

Since 2009 through the collaboration between the Constitutional Court of Georgia and Ilia State University, the history of international peer-reviewed publication has begun. The "Constitutional Law Review" was one of the first attempts of this magnitude to conduct academic discussion on topical legal aspects. For seven years Julie Kapanadze was the editor in charge. During different periods the editorial board consisted of the President of the Constitutional Court at the time George Papuashvili, Vice Presidents of the Court Konstantine Vardzelashvili and Besik Loladze, member of the Court Besarion Zoidze, the President of the Supreme Court at the time Konstantine Kublashvili, a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights Nona Tsotsoria. Honorary members included Barrister and Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the University of Birmingham Jeremy McBride, a Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Justice of the European Court of Human Rights András Sajó, and a Professor of the Washington College of Law Herman Schwartz.

During 2009-2016 the Journal provided Georgian academia with the works of numerous internationally acknowledged scholars and practitioners. Additionally, through reprints and translations of relevant articles published in various authoritative periodicals, the Journal was able to put those issues in Georgian legal discourse. It also allowed a number of young researchers to establish themselves by publishing their student papers.

In 2017-2018 the Journal went through a major reform and a new publication was established - Journal of Constitutional Law, which is issued with support from Grigol Robakidze University. By establishing new standards, adopting open access, ethical publication practices and academic principles, and by building on the traditions of the previous periodical, international peer-reviewed publication developed, serving to promote academic discussion in the field of constitutional law. The Journal is part of several international libraries and databases; it is on the list of Ulrichsweb's international peer-reviewed and refereed periodicals, while the articles published in the Journal are also available in the international library of Heinonline.

The vision of the Journal is for it to be accessible for everyone and to strive for promotion of respect towards ethics and research standards in academic field.

The Journal aims at developing discourse of constitutional law based on research and in-depth analysis. It seeks to bring novelties to the science and expand existing discussion, allowing authors to introduce their work to the wider public.